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DMH Public Relations & Communications is a full service business building and development firm. We provide business and industry-specific business consulting services and develop and implement plans, campaigns, strategies, and communications and marketing materials for businesses, companies and organizations to grow and maximize their Return-On-Investment (ROI) in the following categories:


Public Relations (PR)

In today’s market, customers are highly aware and in control of, who, what, where and when they make their purchases. To attract and retain customers, businesses must have and present a solid, credible image and reputation. They must also be aware of their customers’ needs as well as the “relationship building” and ongoing and direct communication that is required…

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Solidifying your place in the market involves identifying your target market, performing market research and developing a marketing plan of action to present and supply your products and/or services to your target market how, when, where, and at a price that they are willing to pay for them….

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The primary purpose of advertising is to generate, build or increase awareness of a business brand, product or service. The key to successful advertising efforts are consistency and ensuring the medium in which you advertise is rich in your target market….

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Message Development

Without a clear, concise message or tailored messaging, your audiences and target market will not respond positively to your business building and development efforts. If there is no clear, concise message, than there is nothing to communicate, market, sell, brand or promote. Rather, your target audience or PR publics are simply just seeing, hearing or viewing “pretty” pictures, graphics and/or words…

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Brand Identity

A clear, solid and consistent brand identity that displays and reinforces your business image, message and its unique selling feature or consumer benefit factor is the easiest and most effective way for you to separate your business from its competition, express what you do and what you offer. Effective branding is also necessary in order for your business and its products or services to be recognized by and in your industry, market, community and with consumers-at large…

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Media Relations

Using media relations, a business can generate positive publicity and gain community and third party credibility…

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Crisis & Issues Management

It is impossible to see into the future or predict all up-coming or unforeseen events. The best practice is to plan ahead and be proactive with a focus on prevention. If unforeseen circumstances do arise, effective professional issues management is required…

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Government Relations

When a business or organization would like to communicate or work with governments, being aware of and knowledgeable about, the respective departments, responsibilities, mandates and processes is essential. Having a professional who can facilitate dealings with government allows a business or organization to streamline their efforts…

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There are various types of communications materials that can be used to convey a message. To whom and why the message is being delivered should determine the form of communication and/or type of communications materials that should be used or distributed.

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